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    "Life is short, Eat Fritters first…"

    Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant & Grill

    *The Farmhouse is currently Full for Thanksgiving Reservations but The Grill is still has availability. Call 865-429-8644 to reserve your spot!*

    Celebrate the Grill’s 20th Anniversary with all you can eat FRIED CHICKEN for only $19.99 every Wednesday from 4pm until close! Check out our Facebook page for more monthly specials!

    Many stories about the “good ol’ days” are just misguided nostalgia. It certainly wasn’t “good” to try to stay warm around a pot-bellied stove with February winds whistling through the cracks. Remember priming the pump every time you wanted a drink of water, chopping cords and cords of wood, only to have it burn up faster than you could chop? But one thing about the “good ol’ days” slipped away when no one was looking: the smell of apple pies and the hot breads steaming from the oven, bowls of soup that warmed you to the toes, fresh vegetables an hour from the fields, and fruits right off the tree. Remember how every meal was a treat? We remember at the Applewood Family of Restaurants. For starters, we make our own Homemade Apple Butter, Applewoods Apple Fritters® and Applewood Julep® and serve them with every Applewood Farmhouse meal. Then we get down to business… Farm style.

    Click here for a note from our President!

    “BEST FOOD IN THE USA! ! ! ! !”
    - Janis K.

    “Best food in town. Wonderful atmosphere. You will be very disappointed if you don’t visit while in the area”
    - Scott K.

    “The Porch and seats are beautiful on the outside. We love the booths that you sit in when eating instead of chairs. Much more comfortable. Its beautiful all over that place!!”
    - Kris D.