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President’s Letter Fall | 4th Qtr 2020

Hello, Friends of Applewood!

All of us here in the Apple Valley are overwhelmed by the support, love, and encouragement we have received amidst the wonderous events of 2020. We want to first thank you for remaining loyal guests of Applewood and we are happy to continue to serve you!

I do want to address a question we have been receiving from our guests as of late, our limited menu we have been serving over the last few months. Please understand that this menu is not only limited but a temporary fix this year to an unexpected season. We will resume our full menu items in late Spring 2021. 

There are several reasons why we were forced to scale back to a limited menu this year. The COVID-19 virus created a perfect storm of events in the food industry. There have been large plant closures, production issues, limited product availability, inconsistencies in types of products, discontinued products, etc… 

In fact, in many cases, substitutes offered were just not comparable or the perfect quality we strive to offer for every meal option. We adopted the limited menu on a temporary basis with plans of returning to normal in 2021. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding! We look forward to our full menu returning so you continue enjoying your southern food favorites that we love to prepare for you. 

Please Note: We are still following CDC guidelines and doing everything we can to promote social distancing and are working hard to keep all of our guests safe, happy, and well-fed!

Blessings to you and your family and best wishes for a great 2021!

Thank you,

William B. Stokely, IV President, Orchard Foods